My wish is to share the beauty and significance of Humboldt County through my art.

"Urban Portraits" are the works that I am most identified with. I have been painting local architecture since high school. I started with Victorian houses as my subjects, and a few years ago I began my "Down the Street" series picturing entire neighborhoods. I also branched out to country scenes, painting pictures of barns, farmhouses, and animals.

With my paintbrushes I can restore homes to their former glory and landscape them with vibrant colors. I research the history of the original constructions, the neighborhoods, and the generations of people who made their homes there. This work brings together my love for local history, architecture, and art.

I welcome commissioned house portraits. Pictures of favorite places touch the hearts of those that love them and are wonderful gifts for friends, relatives, or for yourself!

Flowers are another of my passions. I am a retired schoolteacher, and when I was working with children I was able to share this interest by creating curriculum for classes which included flower paintings, a video, and a Local Flowers Coloring Book. I have rediscovered these subjects and I'm enjoying painting colorful blooms from nature to freshen up my work.

I work with acrylic paint on a Claybord surface, which is Masonite covered with a smooth coating. This medium allows me to incorporate a high level of detail into my paintings.

I have a B.A. in Art and History, an M.A. in Education, and I taught elementary school for 35 years. I'm a member of the Redwood Art Association, the Humboldt Arts Council, the Humboldt Historical Society and the Humboldt Heritage Society.

My work can be viewed at the Adorni Center, the Redwood Art Association shows, and various locations in our community.